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    This list can become outdated very quickly.  If you have any info to share, 
    please post it in the forms here.
    *NOTE: these are all recommendations for track only*
    The general recommendation is that your psi increases 10% from cold to hot.
    (others recommend an increase of 5psi)
    (yet others recommed an increase of 2-4 in the front and 6-8 in the rear)
    (these numbers may differ based on manufacturer)
    The best psi for you may change based on climate and riding style.
    The most important data to note is the psi increase from cold to hot.
    (i.e. set your pressure prior to your first session, and check the pressure
     as soon as you get off the track.
     The pressures listed below are a good starting point.)
    Here is another tip...
         If you have a gain of more than 7psi, then you have too little air in 
    the tire. You will need to increase tire pressure by half to one pound, 
    and then go ride the bike again.
         If you have a gain of less than 6psi, you have too much air in the tire. 
    Conversely you will need to decrease tire pressure by a half to one pound and 
    then go ride the bike again.
    ManufacturerModelSizeCold PsiHot PsiWarmer Setting
    AvonAzaro II12036
    AvonAzaro II18038
    AvonAzaro Sport II12033
    AvonAzaro Sport II18034
    AvonSuper Sport II12034
    AvonSuper Sport II18036
    AvonViper Supersport12031
    AvonViper Supersport18031
    BridgestoneBT002 K312034
    BridgestoneBT002 K318032
    DunlopD207F Sportmax12032
    DunlopD207F Sportmax18030
    DunlopD208GP A12031
    DunlopD208GP A18032
    DunlopGP Racer12031
    DunlopGP Racer18029
    MetzlerME23 Race12032
    MetzlerME23 Race18030
    MetzelerRacetec K312031
    MetzelerRacetec K318029
    MichelinPilot Power12032-33
    MichelinPilot Power18030-31
    MichelinPilot Power 2CT12031
    MichelinPilot Power 2CT18028
    MichelinPilot Sport12031
    MichelinPilot Sport18029
    MichelinPilot Sport Cup12031
    MichelinPilot Sport Cup18029
    MichelinPilot Race12031
    MichelinPilot Race18029
    MichelinPower Race12031-33
    MichelinPower Race18022-24
    MichelinPower Race Medium12031
    MichelinPower Race Medium18028
    PirelliDiablo Corsa12032
    PirelliDiablo Corsa18035
    PirelliDiablo Corsa 312031
    PirelliDiablo Corsa 318029
    PirelliDiablo Rain1203435150 F
    PirelliDiablo Rain160-1902931150 F
    PirelliDiablo Rosso Corsa12031-35
    PirelliDiablo Rosso Corsa16026-32
    PirelliDiablo Rosso Corsa18028-32
    PirelliDiablo Superbike12031-3532-36175 F
    PirelliDiablo Superbike180-19025-2826-29175 F
    PirelliDiablo Superbike PRO (trackday slick)12031-3232-35175 F
    PirelliDiablo Superbike PRO (trackday slick)180-19024-2926-29175 F
    PirelliDiablo Supercorsa110-12031-3232-35175 F
    PirelliDiablo Supercorsa150-18026-2928-29175 F
    PirelliDragon Supercorsa PRO110-12031-3232-35175 F
    PirelliDragon Supercorsa PRO150-18026-2928-30175 F
    PirelliEvo Corsa12031
    PirelliEvo Corsa18030
    PirelliEvo Super Corsa12031
    PirelliEvo Super Corsa18028
    PirelliMTR01/02 Dragon12034
    PirelliMTR01/02 Dragon18030
    PirelliMTR21/22 EVO12031
    PirelliMTR21/22 EVO18030


    Photos by Marty
    FASTTRAX Moto Series